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A web platform working with a smart algorithm that strengthens the expertise, makes communication easier and shares only valuable information with the user.

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About Our Platform

Workceed is a web platform that connects the right employees with the ideal employers. The site does all the merging creating a simple user experience.

Why Workceed?

No matter what kind of expertise and education you have, Workceed makes it simple to reach employers and earn money while befriending people with similar interests.

You are in control

With Workceed you are in full control of your privacy, what you share, and how you interact with other users. You can filter the information you want to see, and you will never be overwhelmed by unnecessary posts.

We work together

Workceed offers tools, tips, support and an online community of experienced users for answering questions and sharing ideas for success.

List only once

Post your profile and portfolio only once and start getting job applications suited for you. You can always expand and improve your profile, befriend new and interesting people, and share useful information with them.

Easy to use

Get what you want and need automatically without the need of long searches through a pool of information. The minimalistic and simple design make navigating through the site very easy.

Get value out of it

Instead of procrastinating on the social networks, make the most out of it. Get money and value for your time spent online!

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